Dr Barbara Sturm Anti-Ageing Body Cream PRO


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Replenish your skin with Dr. Barbara Sturm’s silky soft, moisturizing ANTI-AGING BODY CREAM. Infused with pure Glacier Water it absorbs easily to leave the skin feeling velvety-smooth, supple and thoroughly moisturized. Extracts of White Almond and Elderberry Blossom help to firm the skin, while nutrient-rich oils restore elasticity. The anti-aging powerhouse Purslane calms and reduces the visible signs of irritation. The highly active compounds diminish visible signs of aging and the skin is left feeling velvety-smooth, supple and thoroughly moisturized.

• Replenishes the skin’s moisture
• Elderberry Blossom Extract and White Almond Extract tighten the skin
• Nutrient-rich oils restore elasticity resulting in visibly firmer skin
    Massage the ANTI-AGING BODY CREAM into your skin in circular motions until it is completely absorbed.

    Grape Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Purslane Extract, Glycerine, Indian Almond, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Panthenol, Black Elderflower, Edelweiss, Chickpea Seed Extract, Squalane, Pure Glacier Water

    “The body’s skin has slower cellular turnover than the face. My ANTI-AGING BODY CREAM contains Grape Seed Oil which is high in Linoleic Acid and possesses anti-oxidative and pore refining properties. Extracts of White Almond seal moisture, while Elderberry Blossom is rich in Anthocyanin and has skin soothing properties. Cuckoo Flower Oil is packed with skin-boosting minerals, while anti-aging powerhouse Purslane is a potent anti-oxidative ingredient that also reduces the visible signs of irritation.” – DR. BARBARA STURM
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