Murad Method Kit (Full Murad Package)

Murad Method Kit (Full Murad Package)

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Interested in offering facials on the Ruuby App and interested in being a fully trained Murad X Ruuby facialist therapist on Ruuby? This is the full Murad Package which includes a full range of discounted Murad products, advanced training, exclusive offers, a dedicated manager from Murad who's able to help answer any questions along the way, access to retail products, and you'll be able to offer all Murad official facials to Ruuby clients.

This package includes:

  • Gentle Eye Make-up Remover 235ml x 1
  • Prepping Solution 235ml x 1
  • AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser 500ml x1
  • Refreshing Cleanser 500ml x1
  • Essential-C Cleanser 500ml x1
  • Clarifying Cleanser 500ml x1
  • Aha Rapid Exfoliator – Regular Strength 235ml x1
  • Soothing Skin, Lip & Cuticle Care 60ml x1
  • IP5 Intensive Peel 100ml x1
  • Retinol Dual-Phase Power Peel 10pkt x1
  • Vitamin C Infusion Treatment 15pkt x1
  • Professional Enzyme Treatment 25pkt x1
  • Soothing Seaweed Mask & Tonic 15pkt x1
  • Redness Reduction Treatment Mask 15pkt x1
  • Hydrating Toner 500ml x1
  • Clarifying Toner 500ml x1
  • Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence 118ml x1
  • Intensive Age Diffusing Serum 130ml x1
  • Rapid Collagen Infusion 127ml x1
  • Advanced Active Radiance Serum 118ml x1
  • Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil 60ml x1
  • Hydrating Gel Mask 250ml x1
  • Clarifying Mask 240g x1
  • Firming Treatment Mask 8pkt x1
  • Soothing Cream Mask 250ml x1
  • Firming Eye Treatment 50ml x1
  • Essential-C Eye Cream 15ml x1
  • Renewing Eye Cream ML x1
  • Anti-Ageing Moisturiser SPF30 120ml x1
  • Essential- C Day Moisture SPF30 235ml x1
  • Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture 130ml x1
  • Youth Builder Massage Cream for Face & Body 500ml x1
  • Lavender scented eye pillow x1
  • Glycolic Applicators box of 100 x1
  • Consultation Forms x50
  • Vinyl Gloves x1 pack
  • Gauze squares x 2 packs

* Potential payment plan options to be discussed with Ruuby head office by emailing This will be determined on monthly revenue generated and availability on the app. Get in touch to find out more if you're looking for payment plan options.

Once purchase is made, the team organiser will write you down as an attendee. Once the date of the next workshop is agree on, you will be emailed with further details.